Jul 192012
$url = 'http://www.personalisedmemento.co.uk/product.php/pid-'.$row['SKU'].'/';

$homepage = file_get_contents($url);
//echo $homepage;

preg_match_all("/<p[^>]*class=\"blackText11\">(.*?)<\\/p>/si", $homepage, $match);
//print_r($match) ;

echo $cate_text = $match[1][1];
echo '<pre>';
preg_match_all('#<a\s+.*?href=[\'"]([^\'"]+)[\'"]\s*(?:title=[\'"]([^\'"]+)[\'"])?.*?>((?:(?!</a>).)*)</a>#i', $cate_text, $match_new);

print_r($match_new) ;

$cat_name = $match_new[3];
$cat_link = $match_new[1];
	echo $cat_name[$i].'-'.$cat_link[$i];

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  1. Hi, really like the appearance of ones website. Can you mind saying what theme youre making use of? I’m not used to this and i am hoping to have mine looking anywhere close to cool as yours. Many thanks.

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